Run, Walk, Cycle to Work

Stolt make the best commuter backpacks 
by adding top technical performance to work bags.

Stolt Difference

Our standards are set high to make bags that work as hard as you do; from your daily commute to the office, gym and over-night business trips – we’ve got your back.

The STOLT difference lies in the design; each product is developed with the best performance features whilst maintaining a professional, timeless style. And you can build your own personal kit on our website to include everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

The Garment Box

Whether you are packing for a business trip or for a daily commute to the office, keeping your office clothes neat and crease-free can be challenging.

Therefore, we designed a garment box to carry a whole suit neatly inside your backpack. The box fits a shirt, a pair of trousers and a jacket. Alternatively, you can fit in a couple of shirts and trousers for your overnight business trips. The garment box is part of Alpha business sets and it’s designed to be carried in the middle compartment of our Alpha backpacks where it stays in place even when running or cycling to the office. Alternatively, you can purchase this item separately to fit into your suitcase.

How to fold the garments

We’ve created simple step-by-step folding instructions for each garment to make the process easier. All Stolt business sets come with a folding card to ensure you always have the instructions on hand.

Let’s get the world up and running again

Living in an era of global pandemic, increasing mental health issues and a stationary lifestyle, we believe that active commuting is more important than ever.


Stolt bags are designed with all the essential features of technical sports backpacks and with excellent ergonomics to run and to cycle with.

Our products take you from gym to the boardroom in a flawless stride.


Sleek minimalistic design and premium materials make our bags a smart choice for office.

All our products also come with a business compartment to fit your laptop and other work essentials that you need,


Stolt bag is ideal for active commuter.

It packs a change of clothes, essential hygiene products and electronics and with the garment box your business attire stays neat and crease-free.

Your Partner in Grind™

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