Clothes Folding Instructions Card


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Learn how to fold shirts, trousers and suits with ease

The latest hack to your commuter lifestyle, meet the Clothes Folding Instructions Card, guaranteed to keep your garments crease-free. This folding card comes with clear instructions for each item, showing you the best way to fold shirts, trousers and jackets. Its softened edges can be used to help you fold your garments neatly and precisely, without creases, keeping them in place whilst on the move.

  • Discover how to fold trousers and shirts without leaving creases you have to iron out later.
  • Use the folding card to keep garments in place when commuting.
  • Always have clothes folding instructions to hand whilst travelling.

Keep clothes crease-free

You know the scene; you go to grab clothes out of your bag only to realise they’ve crumpled to the bottom in a wrinkled mess. We’ve been there many times, which is why we designed our one-of-a-kind Clothes Folding Instructions Card. Discover the best way to fold shirts and suits and iron out one of life’s frustrations along the way.

How to fold shirts

Lay your shirt front down, placing the Stolt Folding Card vertically in the middle of the shirt, so that the top edge meets the top of the collar. Fold one side of the shirt over the card, then tuck the sleeve back on itself so it lines up with the edge of the shirt. Do the same on the other side. Make a small fold to tuck away the bottom of the shirt before bringing it to the top of the shirt around the Folding Card.

How to fold trousers

Neatly fold your trousers in half, laying one leg over the other so the seams match. Place your Stolt Folding Card horizontally on your trousers under the pockets and fold the top section of your trousers over. Roll the Folding Card down your trousers, neatly wrapping the legs around it to keep them wrinkle-free.

How to fold trousers for travel

How to fold a jacket for travel

How to fold a suit jacket

Turn the body of your jacket inside out, keeping the sleeves neatly straightened inside. Fold your jacket in half. Place the Stolt Folding Card at the top of the jacket before folding the bottom half of the jacket up towards the top, tucking in any tails or hem lines.



It depends how skillful you are with garment folding. The card itself definitely helps. Not only do you have the folding instructions on hand but you can also fold your garment around the smooth corners to keep them in place whilst on the move, helping to keep them wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

The instructions card is designed to be used for any men’s formal garments but can be used for any unisex clothing. Instructions provided are for shirts, jackets, trousers and t-shirts but you can also use the card to fold jumpers, skirts and dresses.

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