How to fold a suit

Whether you are packing for a business trip or for a daily commute to the office, keeping your office clothes neat and crease-free can be challenging.

Therefore, we’ve created simple step-by-step folding instructions for each garment.


  1. Lay the shirt flat and add the folding card in the middle
  2. Fold both sleeves around the folding card
  3. Then fold the cuffs first before folding the whole shirt in the middle

How to fold a suit


  1. Fold your trousers in half making sure both legs are even
  2. Using the folding card, neatly fold the trousers around it


  1. Turn your jacket inside out making sure that shoulder pads are pulled out and both sleeves lie straight
  2. Then fold in the middle making sure the shoulders are even on the top
  3. Using the folding assistant carefully fold in the middle

Instructions shown here with the Stolt folding card.

Stolt Business Sets come with a folding card to ensure you always have the instructions on hand.

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